APEX can help you win the race…

Most racing drivers agree, to win a race takes more than a powerful car.  It takes the whole team working together, from preparing the car before the race to the choreographed support and communication during the race.  The driver must be focused and have complete trust in the car, looking for every opportunity to advance through the field and take the checkered flag.  Winning drivers know that taking corners or “apexing” at the greatest speed is paramount to winning. The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program is the fastest way to take the checkered flag of better health for you and your employees.

We have developed APEX with one goal in mind:

Winning the race with cost efficient better health!

Got questions? We have answers.

APEX has redesigned the traditional health and wellness plan into a Preferred Membership Program that redirects medical claims which reduces corporate expenses and can result in lower future premiums. APEX has Lifestyle Management that strives to reverse certain medical conditions and Telemedicine that redirects common medical claims and eliminates employee paid copays for our services. Consistent flow of information to promote employee engagement and participation. Your commitment to the employees will increase Productivity, Quality of Life, Peace of Mind, and Loyalty.

APEX is not insurance.


We have medical insurance already.

The APEX Membership is NOT insurance. There are medical benefits included with membership, but NO part of APEX is insurance.

We have a wellness program within our insurance.

With wellness programs inside an insurance program it actually ADDS significant utilization and helps to drive UP both claims and premiums of insurance.

How can APEX Membership help reduce healthcare costs?

When APEX Membership is utilized, insurance claims are driven DOWN by the decreased utilization of the employer-sponsored insurance program.

What is Lifestyle Management Therapy?

Lifestyle Management Therapy (LMT) is health management for individuals who want to improve the quality of their life. LMT is physician supervised and focuses on the reversal of chronic medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, and Obesity through diet, exercise, and patient accountability.

Does LMT really work?

YES. LMT does work. When there is desire to make significant life changes LMT provides the education and guidance to create and accomplish the health goals of participants.

Who qualifies for LMT?

Any APEX Member that desires an improvement in their own health qualifies for LMT.

What is Tele-Medicine?

Tele-Medicine is the ability to access licensed physicians through telephone and internet.

What is MLR?

The new health reform law, the Affordable Care Act, holds health insurance companies accountable to consumers and ensures that American’s are reimbursed if health insurance companies don’t meet a fair standard of value.  If an insurance company spends less than 80%-85% in the group market, which is generally insurance provided through employers, it must rebate the portion of premium dollars. All insurance companies must submit their annual MLR reports to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Under the new health care law, rebates must be paid by August 1st each year. Employers must either distribute the rebate to its employees at the same rate employees contribute to the employer-sponsored health plan or use the rebate in a fashion that benefits the employees.  An employer cannot simply keep the money.