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APEX is a Strategic Benefit Alliance product. We are here to answer any questions, or supply additional information where needed. If you want an evaluation of your company please submit the application on the bottom of this page.

The APEX and SBA team are here to serve you. All emails and correspondence will be answered as quickly as possible, if there is an urgent issue or situation please contact your assigned specialist for assistance.

More about what we are…

The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program has been developed to bring a health and wellness basket of products and services to employers as a cost-effective means of reducing health and wellness expenses.

Currently, all health and wellness plans add significant medical claims. These added claims are a key reason that today’s heath and wellness plans are not meeting the employer’s expectations. APEX helps redirect a significant portion of these claims through an innovative approach to health and wellness.


Who is SBA?

John O. Micalizio

John Micalizio has over 20 years of professional experience. He spent 10 years in New York City in various roles in Private Equity Management firms. His last position before relocating to Florida was responsible for over $250 million of high net worth individual fixed income assets. The past 10+ years of experience have been in Florida, in insurance and risk management for individuals and small to mid-sized companies. In2011 he left insurance to focus solely on Risk Mitigation for companies and their employees, with specific attention to the financial benefits of high quality health and wellness programs. He has degrees in Economics and Finance from Ramapo College of New Jersey, located in Mahwah, NJ.

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