APEX Preferred Health and Wellness PROGRAMS

Strategic Benefit Alliance, Inc. is a South Florida company with the goal of providing the best experience in the health and wellness industry and addresses each member’s unique needs.  The team at SBA consists of Health and Wellness experts, Financial Analysts, and Entrepreneurs who are committed to creating significant savings for our customers.  We have developed The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program to bring health and wellness products and services to employers as a cost-effective means of reducing health and wellness expenses.

In motorsports, the apex is the fastest way to navigate through a corner.  The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program is the fastest way to navigate through health and wellness to achieve goals and savings. To achieve victory in motorsports you do not need the most powerful car.  Most winners agree – a race is won or lost in the corners.  Let APEX help your company win every year in the health and wellness race to lower expenses and healthier employees.

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Annual Rebates are Declining

Rebates are getting lower each year...

Annual MLR Rebates

  • Per Employee

APEX Reverses the Trend!

Lifestyle management and wellness are the keys.

The APEX Health and Wellness Preferred Membership Program educates and engages your employees. Through our Lifestyle Management Program, some medical conditions could be reversed or significantly reduced. While our Tele-Medicine Program provides a simple, cost-effective, and time saving alternative to traditional in-person physician office visits.

Together, these APEX Member benefits redirect many claims away from the employer-sponsored health insurance plan.

The Result:

More savings...
Reduced plan utilization
Increased MLR Rebates
Decreased plan premiums (potential)

Increasing Premiums

Premiums over the last 10 years have gone up

Over the last 10 years, total plan premiums have risen over 80%. While employee contributions have risen over 90%. It is clear, premiums have continued to rise, and over the last several years MLR Rebates are falling.

What this inverse relationship illustrates is that the utilization of insurance is rising. An educated assumption is the increasing popularity of Wellness and Disease Management Programs inside of employer-sponsored health insurance plans are the cause.

The MLR as an Advantage

28% reduction in the first year’s membership...

How can an employer use the MLR as an advantage with APEX?
The MLR must either be distributed to the employees as cash or be used for the benefit of the employees.

By applying the MLR Rebate to the cost of APEX, the employer can reduce the cost of APEX year after year. As the utilization of APEX increases, plan utilization decreases, and expected MLR rebates should increase. In time, premiums will have to fall.

Using the 2013 MLR Rebate of $135 per employee, a 100 employee group would receive $13,500. When used to offset the cost of APEX, it represents a 20% reduction in the first year cost of APEX Membership for employees.