With all the health and food options, why do so many people choose to be Vegetarian? Simple, it is one of the healthiest options and with today’s modern concepts about food and healthier eating on the rise, Vegetarians have it easier as there become more options available.

Keeping healthy and staying 100% vegetarian used to be a total impossibility. In fact in most cases you would have to order a normal meal and just ask to remove the meat. The side to that was unfortunately it was still most likely using meat or animal by-product in the mixture in some way. So in effect you were still getting meat.

So how to avoid the meaty stuff all-together?

Just ask the server next time you eat out, what is truly a vegetarian option, and in almost every case they have to have at least 3-4 options on the menu. Pick the one you want and presto, no need to worry that you are inadvertently breaking your meatless diet/lifestyle.


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