Since we were old enough to understand why we eat, we have been told that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s never really been fully explored or questioned too much, but why is the 1st meal of the day so influential to our day?
It’s simple science really. Think for instance, can you start a car with a dead battery or empty gas tank? Sure you may be able to jump battery and you may get a few miles on fumes, but for the most part the car isn’t going anywhere. Same goes for your body. When you get up in the morning your body has finished digesting and using the food and nutrients from the day prior and assuming your digestion is normal you should be ready to fill-up and start a new day. Breakfast being the 1st thing you eat, is also important to remember to eat a healthy and BALANCED meal as well. Frosted donuts, cookies, and pastries are a sure-fire way to try and earn yourself a diabetes badge for sure as it puts undue stress on the pancreas. Eating foods higher in fat are recommend as your body will have time to burn the fat, so we suggest lean meats, and proteins in the morning.

Of course you should always combine that with a good exercise routine and vitamins.

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