With all the craze about shopping online, and users being able to buy anything from a new car, to a new TV over the internet it certainly is no shock that food is also a thing you can buy online. Of course that is nothing that new and companies like Omaha Steaks have been shipping food for over a decade or more, but now with the internet the question lies…is it that safe?

Shopping online can be dubious for obvious reasons, stolen credit cards, stuff gets bashed during shipping, or lost. With ordering food though you seriously have to consider the source of the food as well as the seller. Things like dry-goods, soda, and other non-perishable beverages are usually an easy pick, but other items that require freezing or to be packed in dry-ice you need to really think twice about who you are buying it from and what they consider “safe” shipping guidelines. Heavily look through the reviews and see what other buyers thought first before being the first to try it.

Be safe and think twice if you plan to buy food products online, and if possible limit it to specialty items or things that cannot actually spoil.

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