When you get up everyday does your routine involve 1, 2, maybe 3 or more pills or prescriptions? If you said yes, you are not alone. Most American Adults, and about 63% of children in the US are on some type of prescription medication. Whether its a simple anti-allergy medication, or insulin for diabetes, and even more are on high blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication.

So why is America so over-pilled and not really reporting so much benefit from popping all those prescriptions? The scary and honest truth is that even those with high-level illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the like are not really doing much to prevent further damage. They take the medications, they listen to the advice of their doctor, but they don’t really change their lives.

One case we observed was an older woman in her late 50’s, she suffered from type 2 diabetes for about 12 years, she was on several types of insulin, metformin, as well as other types of synthetic insulin and blood-sugar aids. Despite being on these medications and paying nearly $1500 per month for them, she never gave up smoking cigarettes, and still consistently ate things like candy, and items with corn syrup and sugars. Items that are known to raise glucose levels and hinder the ability for the insulin and drugs to work. After 12 years she is now taking even more insulin at higher doses, and her blood sugar still increases.

Another case we observed was a younger female in her mid-twenties. After going through a preeclampsia pregnancy, and nearly having issues with the delivery resulting in a C-Section, and previously being diagnosed with Gestational-Diabetes, she delivered her baby just fine. After two weeks she lost nearly 60lbs of water…she was carrying almost 6 times her baby’s weight in water!! After the delivery and her scars healed she went back to eating poorly and even she is currently not a diabetic at last glance we saw that she still has high blood pressure, and is a candidate for early-onset diabetes. To date she has not made a true effort to change either her lifestyle, eating habits, or exercise routine.

It’s easy to see from some of our case studies what happens when we really don’t make an effort to change, pills your doctor prescribes are one-thing, but changing your life and being a healthier person is not about taking pills. In fact the less pills you can take every day bring you closer to being a very healthy individual.

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