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Health, Wellness, and Financial experts bringing you a better health and wellness program that works for you and your business. We work with all size U.S. businesses. When you work with Strategic Benefit Alliance, we have your company’s goals and your employee’s health in mind first and foremost.

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Strategic Benefit Alliance brings you APEX.
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Strategic Benefit Alliance, Inc. (SBA) is a South Florida company with the goal of providing improved efficient help within the Health and Wellness marketplace.  The team at SBA consists of Health and Wellness experts, Financial Analysts, and Entrepreneurs who are committed to creating significant savings for our clients by providing our Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program called APEX.

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Health and Wellness

Your team's good health is our goal.
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We created APEX, a Health and Wellness program that brings a much needed efficiency to current health plans. APEX, as a whole, is completely new to the industry.  Even though APEX is brand new to the market, its tools and components are already in use in the marketplace today at several large and small business around the US.  SBA has obtained very beneficial contracts for these services and simply packaged them together in what is now APEX.

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APEX Membership is purchased by the employer for all benefits eligible employees to coincide with the existing employer sponsored health insurance.  APEX is not insurance, but a basket of services selected to reduce the utilization of existing healthcare. When APEX benefits are utilized, there are no claims affecting the employer’s health insurance program. Less claims means lower healthcare costs.

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APEX Preferred Health and Wellness

What membership means for you...

The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program has been developed to bring a health and wellness basket of products and services to employers as a cost-effective means of reducing health and wellness expenses. Currently, all health and wellness plans add significant medical claims. These added claims are a key reason that today’s heath and wellness plans are not meeting the employer’s expectations.

APEX helps redirect a significant portion of these claims through an innovative approach to health and wellness.

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Our Core Benefits

Where APEX really shines
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Decrease to long term company expenses.
Potential decrease to future health plan premiums.
Decrease in any employer paid medical claims.
Decrease in employee sick days.
Decrease in employment expenses.
Increases Medical Loss Ratio Rebates.
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More Benefits

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Increased employee productivity
Increased employee quality of life
Increased employee peace of mind
Increased employee loyalty

The APEX Preferred Health and Wellness Membership Program can reduce medical claims and premiums for both employee and employer.

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